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The Museum of Unrest is a new educational resource for artists, designers and communities engaged in social and environmental justice.

Emerging from the ashes of londonprintstudio, The Museum of Unrest is launched at Impact 12: The Printmakers Voice, Bristol, September 2022, with the supporting exhibition Conversation Pieces from the Museum of Unrest.

We therefore extend an open invitation to join this process: to help us build and shape a new organisation that will support work in the field of art & design in social & environmental justice.

The Museum is committed to environmental justice, creative democracy, and inclusivity. Though many artists, designers and communities are working in these areas with inspiring results, their work can be difficult to access because we lack spaces dedicated to promoting, supporting, and embracing the common unity of these ideas.

Almost half a century of creating organisations, building studios and developing projects has taught us that  you can’t construct these things alone. They grow, sometimes in unexpected directions, from multiple conversations.

Contact us and tell us about projects that you are involved in or inspired by, send us links to sites, events, books, exhibitions, and resources that you think we should include, tell us about future plans and forthcoming events, send us proposals for features and discussions, join our mailing list or email us to say hello.