To celebrate the launch of the David Graeber Institute, the Museum of Care is organising AptArt a global exhibition on the theme of Climate Crisis held in personal spaces around the world.

To tie in with the Brain Trust project and our residency program, our first exhibition is dedicated to the work of our friends and partners at the Institute, art activist groups like Extinction Rebellion and Ocean Rebellion with their connection to David’s work on Pirates and the XR Brain Trust.

28 October 2022 – Social Media
Post and share pictures of your AptArt exhibition across all your social media at the same time (TBC) #davidgraeber #DGI #AptArt.

29 October 2022 – Virtual Exhibition, 7-8:30 pm London
Unite for an hour with AptArt people from around the world. If you are in London you can send a request to join us on

Be your own AptArt curator

Like the Museum of Care, these rooms will constitute a network of open spaces where anyone can curate their own exhibition.  AptArt was a tradition born in the Soviet Union, when public cultural life was strictly regulated by the state. People would open their apartments for public events, exhibitions and concerts. Apt Art transformed private apartment spaces into public spaces where socially important issues are debated.


  1. Limited Edition Original Artwork Poster
    Sign up to receive your hardcopy limited run original poster art.
  2. Brain Trust Exhibition Collection
    Download and print from a collection of Poster Art from Extinction Rebellion and Ocean Rebellion Archives
  3. David Graeber Institute Collection
    Download and print from permanent collection of artwork and posters related to David Graeber and the Institute projects