About the Museum of UnRest

Credit: Missumm of Unreest, John Phillips, generated using DALL-E


The Museum of Unrest harnesses the power of art and design to address social and environmental issues and injustices.


Collaboration, innovation and imagination, both conventional and unconventional as suits the moment.

What we do

We promote and develop creative solutions that inspire and initiate positive change.

Through our online resources and educational programs, we aim to support and create a more just society and regenerative, sustainable environment.

We embrace contemporary art and design from around the world, bring diverse perspectives together, and encourage the free exchange of ideas.


The Museum of Unrest is organised by lps21 a not-for-profit independent charity based in the UK..

Over the years we’ve changed with the times.

Ever optimistic we launched Museum of Unrest in 2024 with the aim of becoming a global educational resource for artists, designers and communities committed to the idea that ‘another world is possible’

If you like and support this idea, and would like to work with us, we would be delighted to hear from you.


John Phillips

Director Museum of Unrest
Curator: MUSEUMS

face composed of circle dots and exclamation mark black on yellow ground

Clive Russell

Designer Museum of Unrest