David Palacios

Conversation Pieces from the Museum of Unrest

Featuring: Naiza Khan, Lilophilia, Naho Matsuda, David Palacios, John Phillips


Palacios’s creative practice explores the ever-evolving languages o fart and visual representation through a process of appropriation, deconstruction and reinvention. Drawing on a variety of indicators, including comparative charts, percentile analysis and statistical diagrams his Graphics-Painting methodology employs statistical facts and figures and converts these ‘pie and bar charts of everyday oppressions’ into an image comprised of equivalent percentages of pigment. In effect the quantities of pigment in these paintings (whether abstract or figurative) contain, rather than represent, this ‘background’ information. The process of making these images differs from a traditional computer graphics approach, which seeks to visually illustrate facts. By contrast, his images seek to represent information through its physical embodiment in pigment and paint.

David Palacios (1967, Havana, Cuba), graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts “San Alejandro” and The Polytechnic Institute for Industrial Design, Havana, Cuba.

In 1997 he emigrated to Venezuela where he lived until 2007, from 2013 to 2021 he lived between Nigeria, Zimbabwe and the  UK. He is currently based in London, UK.