Conversation Pieces from the Museum of Unrest

Featuring: Naiza Khan, Lilophilia, Naho Matsuda, David Palacios, John Phillips

BLACK is the rebellion against a social system that benefits inequity.

Through her artistic career, Liliana Romero (Lilophilia) has had an intense interest in black-feminist activism and the defense of endangered communities (LGBTQ+, the Refugee community, Women affected by domestic violence).

Liliana’s research focuses on the loss of memory built by the continuous simulation and imposition of a systematic white society, erasing a heritage of the contemporary black individual.

Through different experiences and involvement inside London’s black community, Latin & Colombian community, Liliana’s definition of Black (blackperson) evolved into new meanings. Territory, history, class, and many other factors construct a flexible and unflexible shape of the word BLACK, winding up into the same conclusion:

Liliana presents posters in Spanish, her native language and English, the “neocolonialism” language. Black women’s body is recurrent in Liliana’s artwork. The recovery and empowering of this body transforms it into a symbol of rebellion, hope, an opportunity to respond to that loss feeling of erasure and unidentification.