Beauvais Lyons is the Director of The Hokes Archives

Founded in 1901 by Everitt Ormsby Hokes, The Hokes Archives is devoted to the fabrication and documentation of rare and unusual cultural artifacts including unique discoveries from the Aazudian and the Apasht, civilizations. The archives also includes the Association for Creative Zoology and the George and Helen Spelvin Folk Art Collection.

Maria Vlachou

Maria Vlachou, founder and Executive Director of Acesso Cultura, has written extensively on cultural organizations’ political roles. Her experience includes leadership in arts management and communication, evidenced by her roles at São Luiz Theatre and Pavilion of Knowledge. She is a Fellow of ISPA – International Society for the Performing Arts (2018, 2020) and an alumna of the DeVos Institute of Arts Management at the Kennedy Center in Washington (2011–2013).

Antoinette LaFarge

Antoinette LaFarge is an artist-writer and Professor Emerita of Digital Media at the University of California, Irvine. Her next book, due out in late 2024, is an anthology of interviews with experimental artists working at the intersection of art, science, and technology.  

Najlaa El-Ageli

Najlaa El-Ageli, an architect with over twenty years of experience, founded Noon Arts Projects in 2012 to spotlight contemporary MENA region art. With collaborations including the Shubbak Festival and The Africa Centre, she has curated over 24 projects worldwide, including notable exhibitions like “Pop Art from North Africa”,  “Retracing A Disappearing Landscape” and “Totalitarian Props”. El-Ageli, respected for her quality exhibitions, continues to promote MENA and diaspora art, and has served on the jury for The Arab Fund for Arts and Culture.

Clare Patey

Clare Patey is an artist and curator whose practice values people, process and public space. Her work has explored questions of social/environmental justice, the cultural space of the museum, urban food growing and mass feasting. She created The Museum Of and is currently Director of Empathy Museum.

She has been called the ‘Cecille B De Mille of public eating’ by the Guardian.

Sasha Galitzine

Sasha Galitzine, a freelance curator, works closely with artists and communities to increase accessibility to the arts. Her past exhibitions, including: “Closer to the Veg,” “Salon 63,” and “Behold: a Show About Touch,” showcase her innovative curatorial approach. After leading a campaign to conserve the life’s work of Irish gardener Gerry Dalton, she established “Gerry’s Pompeii.” This charity is dedicated to preserving Dalton’s garden and supports a program that fosters community engagement, aiming to spotlight underrepresented cultural heritage and creativity.