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The Museum of Unrest harnesses the power of art and design to address social and environmental issues and injustices. We produce several online collections of work a year. 

This is our first collection which presents articles on artists and activists creating both real and imaginary museums. We explore the evolving societal role of museums and archives. 

Contents in our launch collection include:-

Curator Najlaa El-Ageli on the role of Museums in Africa

Najlaa El-Ageli discusses the transformative role of museums in Africa. Here, a new wave of curators and artists are bringing to light the often overlooked or suppressed cultural creatives from the colonial era. 

Antoinette Lafarge, Beauvais Lyons and John Phillips discussing artists inventing their own museums

In ‘The Muse of Misrule’, Antoinette LaFarge, author of Sting in the Tale: Art Hoax and Provocation, discusses with Beauvais Lyons and John Phillips how and why numerous artists are drawn to inventing their own museums.

Maria Vlachou on museums addressing climate change

Maria Vlachou poses a compelling question: how can museums, traditionally guardians of the past, effectively address the urgent climate challenges of today and tomorrow?

Curators Clare Patey and Sasha Galitzine discussing their vision for museums

Further enriching the discussion, curators Clare Patey and Sasha Galitzine share their unique vision for museums, rooted in a shared love for community, urban gardening, and the joy of laughter.

Also in this collection:-

The collection also grapples with a contemporary issue: how artificial intelligence might play a role in addressing historical imbalances in power related to race, class, and gender, particularly in museums dedicated to social justice.

The collection extends beyond these discussions, featuring a curated selection of links to various artists’ and activists’ museums, archives, and professional resources. While this represents just a fraction of the many innovative projects aimed at reshaping museums for social good, it offers a glimpse into a world of possibilities.

About Us

At the Museum of Unrest We  harness the power of art and design to address social and environmental issues and injustices.

We embrace contemporary art and design from around the world, and bring diverse perspectives together to encourage free exchange of ideas. We produce and develop creative solutions that inspire and initiate positive changes.Through our online resources and educational programmes, we aim to support and create a more just society and regenerative sustainable environment.

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We are keen to expand this resource and to learn about other organizations and initiatives seeking to promote social and environmental justice in the cultural field. We hope to gradually expand the collections housed in the Museum of Unrest and invite you to connect with us, share details about similar projects, propose new collections for the Museum of Unrest, or simply reach out to say hello. We look forward to hearing from you at